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Textbook renting provides a viable option for combating the rising costs of college books successfully. Most book rental companies operate online, so you have access to them regardless of where you attend school. One of the best textbook rental sites is Chegg gives you access to thousands of textbooks at a fraction of the cost of buying them new or used.


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How it Works – Review:
You set up an account with the site. Once you are registered, you have access to Chegg’s online catalog where you can search books by title, ISBN or category. Once you have found your books, you place your order and pay. Your books then arrive in the mail a few days later. Rental periods are by the semester, quarter or week, though extensions are available if you need them. Once your rental period is up, you print a prepaid shipping label from the site and mail the books back.

– Save up to 80% renting versus purchasing new or used books.
– Free rental book returns via prepaid postage.
– Option to purchase texts you want to keep, with your already paid rental fees deducted from the purchase cost.
– A 30 day cash back guarantee on books rented for canceled classes.
– Over two million textbook titles available, with more added regularly.
– Chegg plants a tree for every textbook rented – save money and help the environment.
– They buy your used textbooks for cash or a credit toward future rentals.

– They only accept credit card payments Paypal and they don’t accept international credit cards.
– Late fees on textbooks returned after the due date are severe. They automatically charge you the full purchase price of the book, and it’s only refunded if they receive the book within seven days of charging your account.
– You cannot highlight or mark up the book in any way; otherwise you will be charged additional fees up to the full cost of the book.
– They may not have all the books you need available so you may need to go elsewhere for some class materials.
– If you need study guides or CDs normally included with the text at purchase, they may not be available with a rental book.

College textbook rental gives you another low-cost option for getting the books you need to succeed in class. I hope this review has shown some benefits and limitations to renting.  Use and other rental sites in addition to other methods to secure all the texts you need to complete each semester.

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